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In general, I'm offering two types of workshops, for two different target audiences; briefly described below.

Developer Workshops

  • Geared towards ABAP developers of various stages of experiences, these workshops are designed to show and discuss efficient design and coding techniques.
  • Contents can range from generic ABAP efficiency to more special themes like efficient database access, ergonomic GUI design, BAPI programming, user exit / BADI programming or ABAP Objects. 
  • Before I actually hold a workshop, there will be a planning session where we discuss outline, contents, duration and goals of a workshop. I will then use templates to put together an individual course for your specific target.
  • When this workshop is held as  part of an ABAP Tuning project, we can use life examples from your environment to work with the developers.
  • A workshop can range from a two-hour presentation to a two-day event with hands-on exercises.

End User Workshops

  • For the user community, your SAP system usually is like a 'Black Box': They request information and the system provides it. They don't know, and don't care, how the system works internally to get this information. Sometimes, this leads to a very inefficient system usage.
  • With just a little insight on how your SAP system works and shares it's resources, users may develop a 'performance mindset' which may dramatically reduce inefficient system usage, and therefore improve the response times for everybody.
  • End user workshops are usually two-hour presentations that on a very high and non-technical level introduce the performance issue, describe basic system behaviors and show tips and tricks for everyone to share the expensive resources.

All workshops can be included in a larger context of an ABAP Tuning project, or held independently. For organizational reasons, however, they need to be held either on your or on third-party premises.