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Managing an ABAP development project can be a challenge that lies beyond the expertise of 'normal' project management. Of course, with solid classic project management skills one can get very far. But there are special issues that are unique to software and even ABAP development. Some of them are highlighted below, how they occur during the typical phases of a development project. (The described phase activities, while being representative, are by no means meant to be complete...)

Project Scoping and Initiation

  • Define goal and outline of the project
  • Initial estimates of duration and effort
  • Agree on a contract
  • Build the project team

Conceptual Design and Proof of Concept

  • Develop conceptual solution
  • Design and build a working example as proof of concept
  • Agree with process owners and end users that this is what they want
  • Refine and agree estimates of duration and effort

Detail Design and Realization

  • Detailed process design, end to end
  • Detailed technical design, in modular units
  • Development of modular units / objects
  • Unit testing ('developer's test')

Test and Functionality Acceptance

  • Develop test strategy and agree on exit criteria (when is it 'done'?)
  • Plan and prepare system testing; end to end with realistic data, both in complexity and in volume
  • Perform system testing and error resolution; usually multiple passes
  • Formal sign-off on system functionality

Go-Live Preparation

  • Create go-live plan
  • End user training
  • Data conversion

Going 'Live'

  • 'Throw the switch': Use the new system for the first time for real business
  • Monitor new functionality
  • Assist end users

Follow-Up and Closure

  • Obtain final project sign-off 
  • Contractual closure


I have quite some experience in this specific area and will be happy to assist you to bring your ABAP development to a successful closure, on budget and schedule.