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Custom ABAP Solutions are development projects that are created using SAP's WAS (Web Application Server, former known as ABAP Development Workbench) development environment. They can be as simple as a report to serve a specific requirement, or as complex as a whole system comprised of online transactions, batch programs, user interfaces and modules to integrate third-party application systems. I am offering to meet your specific development needs as further described below:

Reports and Specialty Programs

  • As we all know, SAP's suite of standard software is almost too vast to fully understand in one person's lifetime. It meets the requirements of many clients. Still, there are niche requirements that are so special that there is need for custom development, yet they are not big enough to warrant the acquisition of a specialist third-party solution.
  • Also, to avoid costly custom solutions, sometimes SAP's standard programs are stretched to their limits to perform in an area where they really were not designed to. This frequently leads to performance problems.
  • Together with your process owners, end users and developers, I will analyze your requirements and work to create efficient custom solutions that fit your needs and avoid performance problems.

Data Conversions

  • Statistics say that the majority of all failed SAP implementation projects did so because of issues around data conversion. Clients as well as implementers and even SAP had gravely underestimated the complexity and effort involved.
  • This includes topics like data quality in various legacy systems, data cleansing and completing, eliminating duplicates, manual and electronic data verification, code and standards conversion and merging, various test uploads and user acceptance testing, as well as the final upload into SAP.
  • One legend about data conversions says that they are a one-time affair and therefore easy to handle... Obviously, this is not the case.
  • I will be glad to lend my experience in this field as a partner, developer and leader with your team to help you be successful in this crucial and high-risk area.


  • Making different systems work together is always a challenge. Even in times of sophisticated data integration tools, object oriented development and open standards, the mapping of business information still requires a lot of ground work.
  • SAP provides their own interfacing tools, like ALE, BAPIs and web-related tools to enable sophisticated and efficient system integration. Still, experience shows that there is always need for considerable ABAP development.
  • I will work with your interface designers to solve problems around the SAP / ABAP side of the equation, and work with your third-party software specialists to make ends meet.

Custom Transactions

  • The SAP user interface, the SAP GUI, is by design very generic and built to meet a broad set of requirements. But sometimes a client has need for their own layout to better meet user acceptance.
  • Sometimes SAP transactions just don't fit, and there are needs for your own ones.
  • I have designed and developed custom transactions of many sorts, and am glad to use this expertise to improve your overall system fit and performance.

Complex Solutions

  • SAP is constantly developing specialty solutions like Industry Templates and MiniApps. That shows that there is a need in the market for complex blocks of functionality that go beyond the standard.
  • Sometimes a specific client decides to take on the effort of developing their own specialty solution, somewhat like their own module, made out of a whole set of online transactions, workflows, reports and batch processes, and based on their own data model.
  • During my various projects, I have been part of several of these development efforts. I will be glad to bring this experience into your system.