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ABAP Quality Assurance means making sure that the finished product, the ABAP development object, is of consistent and top quality. This includes aspects like:
  • Program code is clean, clearly structured, easy to read and contains comments that explain the rationale behind an approach.
  • Efficient design techniques are used to fit the specific requirements of a program.
  • Efficient coding techniques are used.
  • Naming conventions exist and are used consistently throughout and across programs.
  • Requirements, concepts and design approaches are documented in writing and agreed upon between process owners and developers.
  • Developers are well educated in their tools and techniques.
  • In multi-developer projects, communication among developers and between manager and developers is used efficiently to minimize re-work and maximize mutual learning and creativity.

Sometimes project management does not have the time to make sure the items above are checked regularly. Also, there is the fact that sometimes an external (and independent) set of eyes sees things that have been overlooked by internal management.

I can provide this external set of eyes and will, in a short 2-4 days project, analyze your specific situation and evaluate it based on multiple project situations that I have been involved in.